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Mastermind Consulting

An Organizational Development Company

Mastermind Consulting is an organizational development company dedicated to improving business performance and profitability through strategically planned change. Mastermind Consulting offers a variety of services designed to enhance business effectiveness.

Mastermind Consulting provides services which transcend industry differences. Clients include companies from aerospace, construction, health care, information technology, manufacturing, and service providers. These companies share a common commitment to continual organizational development; thus ensuring competitive excellence in their respective markets.

Marc Becker, Ph.D. is the principal and driving force behind Mastermind Consulting. As an industrial psychologist, Dr. Becker has over twenty years of experience as a consultant/facilitator of planned organization change. He brings a unique blend of warmth, intensity, knowledge, practicality, and humor to his work.

Consultation Services:

Leadership Development - Increasing executive effectiveness through a systematic coaching process. This allows each participant to sharpen their decision-making, their managerial skill set, and enhance their core competence in the key areas needed for today’s competitive environment. Through the dyadic relationship with the coach, the executive will learn to identify their blind spots and improve their self-awareness leading to fundamental changes in leadership behaviors.

Team Development - Experiential work-group sessions designed to bring greater cohesion, purpose, and unity to teams. They are designed to optimize healthy team communication, conflict-management, and solution-based thinking. These team building meetings are tailored to the specific business culture of each client company.

Process Management - Identification and improvement of critical practices within the organization which will enhance employee morale, retention, and productivity. Process management is an invaluable tool for the execution of sound business practices.

Executive/Principal Off-Sites - Workshops to explore company strategy, culture, highest level processes within leadership group.

Other Services:
    • Core Values Clarification
    • 360 Evaluation
    • Vision and Mission Formulation
    • Performance Review Process Development